Thursday, September 30

"The greatest love could be... the end of every day."

Man. The Reivers. In my book, one of the greatest bands of all time. I've been hunting around for their CDs since 1994, and have been listening to their tapes since high school. Really. Hunting. Because two of their albums, the rocking "Saturday," and the unrelentingly beautiful "End of the Day," are just impossible to find. They have been out of stock since 1996; old-school CD haven CD Warehouse couldn't even find copies.

There's only one guy I know who shares my passion for the band. Dodo. He has searched for their albums all over: from the bangketas of Singapore to the small record stores in Hong Kong. Part luck, part Jedi mind-control, he completed The Reivers discography in 1997.

Over lunch today, he gave me both "End of the Day" and "Saturday." He GAVE them to me. Fucking gave them to me! To me! Wooohoooo! I don't think he realized how he's changing my musical life. I don't think I could ever, ever repay this immortal act of kindness.


Luis K. said...

Holy crap! Thor! Finally, someone else (actually, two someone-elses) who like/s The Reivers! How very strange and wonderful and coincidental: I just used a Reivers reference in one of my most recent PULP reviews (I described the Delays album as being reminiscent of "guitar-pop luminaries such as The Reivers and Katrina and the Waves"). I loved Saturday (have yet to hear End of the Day though). I still have my copy in a shoebox filled with other cassettes that don't even really work any more but which I can't bear to throw away. "Electra," "What Am I Doing?," even "Karate Party" (!)... great songs. A quick Google search indicates that the two albums were finally released on CD in 2002. Yay!

Kristine F. said...

Well, Luis, you've finally gotten the magic of Thor. It's...well, actually, I can't put my finger on it, but it has something to do with how I nearly burst into tears in gratitude when he said, "Really? I love Tanya Donelly, too!" I thought I was all alone in my freakish obsession with musicians other people don't give a flying fig about, but then came Thor.

I *heart* Thor.

Thor said...
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Thor said...

Holy ho ho! Kristine, we weren't even friends when I started admiring your deep deep love for music after reading your R.E.M. review in Pulp, their music so wonderfully intertwined in your memories. And now we have TV shows and shared soundtracks to our lives.

I *heart* *wink* *nudge* Kristine from the bottom of my pencilcase. (Thank you, Paul Heaton.)

M said...

And I *heart* you ALL, for being the completely inappropriate music geeks that you are!