Friday, August 29

Keith Auf'ed

I'm back to black shirts. I walked in at work with a heavy heart. I couldn't write. I couldn't even listen to music. Everyone's asking: Are you okay?


Keith Bryce got Auf'ed last night.

Project Runway Season 5's only bright spot. Well, hot spot. Not a spot but a chunk. A chunk of hotness. A bright chunk of hotness with a heart more golden than St. Angelina Jolie's. He calls Tim Gunn "buddy." Who calls anyone "buddy"? Only Keith, the saint of swatches.

I guess he couldn't get over his almost elimination last week and just cracked under pressure. And when Keith answered back, "There's criticism, then there's insult," to Michael Kors, I kind of knew it. I felt it. Those judges can't take talking back. I can, Keith. I'll make swatches of rubber mats for you.

So now I have no reason to watch Project Runway. But maybe one last time for Diane von Fürstenberg...

Commotion in the office. Is that ice cream? Is that the new Banoffee flavor? Yay!

Image from Go there for more (and I mean shirtless) Keith goodness.