Saturday, October 28

The Buzz

Still buzzed from last night's drink out with Dodo, Faye and Raymond. Laughed hard. Downed around six bottles. Only. Yet the lightheaded morning after is somewhat bluesy. Like that Blake Babies song: Nothing's good and nothing's bad. That tentative heavyness of feet. That under the sheets disposition.

The term hangover was originally a 19th century expression describing unfinished business – something left over from a meeting – or ‘survival.’ (Wikipedia)

There's always unfinished business. Loose ends. Work in progress. Missing pages. Open endings. Hangovers.

About time I get used to it.

Monday, October 23

Fight or Flight

IT'S A BIRD...Written by Steven T. Seagle; Art and Cover by Teddy Kristiansen

It has been a week for advanced birthday presents. Early bird was the Hawkman-JUSTICE action figure from Faye, and just last Saturday, two trades from W---Busiek's Astrocity: Family Album
, and Seagle's It's a Bird...---which I'm writing about now because I can't sleep.

Because the language was elegant, the lessons delicate. Because I prefer reading comic books over drinking beer nowadays. Because I have been angry for the past two months. Because I am leaving my job. Because I don't mind losing. Because there's always something next. Just like a Superman comic book, Seagle says.

I have accepted who I am and who I'm never becoming. And what I want.

I will always have fun with words. I prefer geeking out at home over the company of people, corduroys over slacks, gray over black, gameboy over a cellphone, love over lust, comics over poetry, watching TV in a hotel room over sunbathing, Hong Kong over Singapore, god over religion.

I will never prescribe hows or whys or whats. Some people see it as too kind. Or lackadaisical. I call it realization. Making decisions. Growing up.

Of course, there are doubts, practically nations of them, but Faye made it really simple for me: whatever makes you happy, wherever you are happy is what makes work work

So I'm getting myself a ticket to somewhere sunnier.

Look up in the sky.

Tuesday, October 17

Seven part 2

Meme from dodobird and starshuffler. Seven songs on heavy rotation that I just can't get outta. In no particular order of appearance.

1. The Worst Part by Motion City Soundtrack. From "Sound of Superman." It's dancing with tears in my eyes. Heartachy chorus soars up, up, and away: You used to call my name / Every hour of every day / How I live to hear that sound / But everytime it washes away / We wash away.

2. Wires and Waves by Rilo Kiley. From "Take Offs and Landings." And sometimes lonely hearts they just get lonelier. I think you're getting the drift.

3. Life Effect by Stars. From "Heart." Easy pitter-patting. The one-twos of moving on.

4. When You Were Young by The Killers. From "Sam's Town." Bruce Springsteen meets The Who meets dusty synthesizers. Anthemic under heavy clouds.

5. Up to My Head by Mark Kozelek. From the "White Christmas" live album. Back to my ol' worrisome self but successfully passing the sluggishness of acting, working, and writing appropriately.

6. Miss Kita Pag Tuesday by R-Jay (something). From the "Pinoy Dream Academy vol. 1" soundtrack. Heh. Saya pakinggan. Sarap maging bagets.

7. Teen Titans by Puffy Ayumi. When there's trouble you know who to call: Teen Titans! But man, who we gonna call now that the show's gone?