Wednesday, September 29

Good Feeling

Hungover, minor headache, but slurring. At 3 p.m., which is normal enough. In a co-dependent, alcoholic way. Heh. It's just so fucking fun to be around Margie and Kristine again. I haven't had this much fun at being mean since, okay, yesterday. But still. This afternoon was special, and I will look back on this when I'm 71, and think, "--- Don't take your pants off when someone shouts HUBAD! It should be HUBO! --- Ah. The good old days."

And now, my top 10 feel-good songs at the moment:

10. Brand New Colony - The Postal Service
9. At My Most Beautiful - R.E.M.
8. Alinlangan - Sugarfree
7. Getting By - The Rentals
6. Harana - Eraserheads
5. Corporate Attire - Cambio
4. Keeper - The Mongols
3. Oceanside - The Decemberists
2. Kissing the Lipless - The Shins
1. Prom - Sugarfree


Kristine F. said...

I will be 71 years old along with you, Thor, and I will look back on this day and remember the looks on your faces when I showed up at lunch, and I will think, Hey, those people really loved me. Now, what were their names again? And where are my teeth? And how did I get transplanted into this robotic exoskeleton that is now my body?As Eels would sing: Goddamn right, it's a beautiful day.

M said...

And I will be 72, living a truly Sugarfree life, as diabetes will have robbed me of my legs. Not so bad really--a lot easier to make hubo.

I love you both to hell!

Fucker Bunny