Thursday, April 28

Catching Debris

I've always wanted this look because I never learned how to place photos in this blog and I think this layout is perfect for my wordy-ness. Because that's all I have. Words.

Alex, I caught your falling debris.

After after hours. Workshop's finally over. I especially love this class because they have no expectations whatsoever on the class. They're happy just learning new things, revisiting old things, and smoking outside the library afterwards. Along with the occasional "blessing of a good book" and Bloc Party's raunchy guitar Strokes-meets-Stones licks, I've been happy doing the same things.

Belated happy birthday to Marnie. She will probably kill me for forgetting it. Apparently, cigarettes do kill brain cells.

Fallen Idol

I love TV.

I love TV more than other people.

I love the people in my TV shows.

I root for them, cry with them, fight beside them.

I am incorrigible this way.

Saying goodbye to Constantine of pop-farm extravaganza American Idol was difficult. Abrupt like a car crash, I wasn't prepared for the the silence that followed the rolling credits. How will I survive my Wednesday nights without his smoldering eyes and devilish scowl?


My Thursday nights?


Still, sigh. Paula Abdul crying was funny though. She's a certified nut. Last season's nail infection must have gone up her blood stream, to her tiny, bubbly head.

Thursday, April 21

Smoking outside the library

Cars. Too many of them too close to each other. Like intimate, dusty Christmas lights. It's too hot for a smoke but I light up anyway. Light up, like to smile or to relax. Like The Lemonheads said, we should be paid to smile. I'm suddenly missing the company of previous officemates. I miss the weekly sharing of mix tapes, the after-lunch trips to CD Warehouse, the 7 a.m. breakfast of Carl's Jr. onion rings, Marlboro Lights and Coke, and the payday drinking at Travessia or Decades.

I've been working here for 4 years, longer than I've ever worked anywhere else, have made a few friends, but

The Rock's first appearance outside the rubbery ropes of WWF was in Star Trek Voyager (Season 6), in the episode "Tsunkatse" --- a sort of Mad Max-inspired celebrity death match pastiche with the glorious Seven of Nine in the sandals (or spiked heels) of Spartacus. The episode slightly sucked but like most Seven-centric episodes, it was stoic and unsentimental yet heartfelt.

And not a lot of people get this. That detached doesn't always mean disconnected.

Just a lack of connection. Sometimes, there is an effort to want more.

Smoke's done.

Tuesday, April 19

Playing Favorites

Got this from D'Bird. I'm actually doing this to relax my achy breaky brain. Tuesday is Monday, and everyone needs everything ... (4 hours later) Ang hirap pala nito! Kinareer ko na, sayang ang effort...had to dig for forgotten CDs...but so glad to listen to old, familiar taking out The Housemartins...

1. Favorite Beatles song: Two of Us

2. Favorite Rolling Stones song: Wild Horses...because it makes me smile everytime, and when Buffy and Angel dance to this during Prom Night, sigh.

3. Favorite Doors song: Break on through to the other side...cos I remember my early days in Image Dimensions and I thought it was cool to play the Doors loud. And it wasn't.

4. Favorite Bob Dylan song: I always loved Rainy Day Women #6. And You're Gonna Make Me Lonsesome When You Go. And the first song I ever learned to play on guitar, Blowin' in the Wind. Heh.

5. Favorite Pixies song : Cactus

6. Favorite TV Theme Song: Buffy theme by Nerf Herder, and the Star Trek: Voyager theme

7. Favorite Prince Song: Seven

8. Favorite Madonna Song: Borderline

9. Favorite Michael Jackson Song: Ben

10. Favorite Metallica Song: Fade to Black

11. Favorite Motorhead Song : Um . . . Motorhead, yes, but no.

12. Favorite Ozzy Song: Iron Man

13. Favorite Public Enemy Song: He Got Game

14. Favorite Song From A Cartoon : Oh dear. Kiss the Girl from The Little Mermaid

15. Favorite Faith No More Song: Be Agressive...because it's hilarious

16. Favorite Depeche Mode Song: Never Let Me Down Again

17. Favorite Cure Song: Love Song

18. Favorite Song That Most of Your Friends Haven't Heard: End of the Day by The Reivers

19. Favorite Smiths song : There is a Light that Never Goes Out

20. Favorite Beastie Boys Song : Intergalactic!

21. Favorite Korn Song : WTF?!?

22. Favorite Police Song: Don't Stand Too Close to Me `86

23. Favorite Sex Pistols Song: Who Killed Bambi?...Freshman year in the university, I would spit in my drink and offer it to my friends, thanks Danyon.

24. Favorite Beach Boys Song: 409

25. Favorite Def Leppard Song: Is this the one with the handicapped drummer...yung putol yung braso...yung may creepy song na Two Steps Behind?

26. Favorite Song From Your Favorite Movie: Momentum by Aimee Mann from Magnolia

27. Favorite Duran Duran song: Rio

28. Favorite Blondie song: Tide is High ... but this is a cover, right?

29. Favorite Garth Brooks song: Ain't Goin' Down (til the sun comes up) ... heh

30. Favorite Song From An 80's One Hit Wonder: Heaven (Must Be There) by the ... uhm ... Eurogliders?

31. Favorite Song from a Videogame: No cheats code here. None.

32. Favorite Kinks song: Tired of Waiting for You

33. Favorite Genesis song: Against All Odds?...hehe

34. Favorite Led Zeppelin song: Dancing Days

35. Favorite INXS song: Not Enough Time

36. Favorite Weird Al song: Like a Surgeon!...I made it through Med School, somehow I made it throuuugh...

37. Favorite Pulp song: Loved Different Class, and I still love Disco 2000

38. Favorite John Lennon Song: Stand by Me

39. Favorite Pink Floyd Song: Brain Damage

40. Favorite Cover Song: *after 1 hour* One by U2, as sung by Michael Stipe

41. Favorite White Stripes song: Seven Army Nation

42. Favorite Dance Song: Runaway by Nuyorican Soul

43. Favorite U2 Song: Who's Gonna Ride Your Wild Horses?

44. Favorite Song From An Actor Turned Musician: Pony, The Mongols...written by Yani...he's a TV actor, right?

45. Favorite Disco Song: Discohan na to! More, More, More by Andrea something

46. Favorite Motley Crue Song: Ay ganyan pala spelling ng "crue" nila

47.Favorite Guns N' Roses Song : Sweet Child O' Mine!!!!...yesterday, today and tomorrow...

48. Favorite The Who Song: The Kids are Alright

49. Favorite Elton John song: Tiny Dancer

50. Favorite Song, period: Good as Gold (Stupid as Mud), Beautiful South

Saturday, April 16

Give me your chicken leg, I say!

I didn't actually say that to the kid beside me, who was an officemate's son, but I was really thinking it. Dropped by a children's party at McDonald's -- the Library's accountant's daughter was celebrating her 1st birthday --- and, well, imagine 30 kids running around with chocolote and ube sundae, their slightly chewed-on fried chicken ignored and looking lonely, and having not eaten lunch, I wanted to go to every table and collect those lonely legs and wings and breasts and stuff them into my mouth.

Yes, it had been an uneventful day.

Oh. And W told me yesterday that more people get depressed from being called stupid than being called ugly.

Wednesday, April 13

Something New

I was writing a review a few days ago and I wanted to give it a different spin, I wanted to make it feel "new."

Where does this new-ness come from anyway? A style-tone shift? A surprising angle? An astute observation?

Can someone really go back to the beginning and start anew?

Is there such a thing as a new beginning?

Struggling with the writing, the work, the heat. I just want to surprise W again is all. Inject the old relationship with excitement. With something surprising, something new.

And that's nothing new.