Friday, October 1

Ex and a Far Away City

Why should it even matter, right? When you learn things about a long metaphorically dead ex, it shouldn't have any weight on your life. That's how it should go.


Over dinner last night, a grrlfriend blurted out that Mr. Ex had just recently broken up with an ex who had been his ex a few years ago. It's bloody fucking Melrose Place season 17, and we get a slacker Iago for Heather who's a cross between Sponge Bob and Riley (Buffy, not Aliens). Sponge Riley hasn't changed one single bit, not a nano-particle of him, and it's eating me up that he was able to convince me a few weeks ago that he is a changed man.

He keeps telling me that he's single and not fucking around anymore because he has his priorities straightened out and family is the most important thing to him right now. And then my grrlfriend goes: Oh yeah? But he fucked him and her and her and it just a few months ago. Bull frog! Why did he have to lie? We're friends, and it's not like he's still trying to get into my stylish yet affordable pants. Again! And besides, he's like really far away, so no amount of bola will get him any.

...In post break-ups (now looking out the window and pouting) where the one that got away is slowly creeping his way back into your life, is there the slightest chance that he's not fucking others along the way?

Phasers and photon torpedoes ready. Coordinates 131-A56.


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starshuffler said...

If my ex ever starts creeping back into my life (which I truly doubt *whew* hehe), that's what he is and will always be: a creep.

Ey, remember, I will always have my finger ready on the red button for the both of us. *wink wink*