Saturday, September 25

Something for the Longing

  • Sugarfree is becoming a weekend habit. Last night at Peligro, they played a full set, an hour and a half of soaring, deafening pop. Gig buddy and I were right there in front, inches away from Ebe. Happy M was seated on the floor, looking up at Ebe adoringly, like a child listening to a far, far away happy ending story. And I was standing in front of Ebe, swaying and smiling, but looking away everytime he caught my eye. I was afraid he would see how happy he was making me, like I haven't been happy until that night. Besides, I'm reduced to a stuttering, shy fan whenever they start playing. One recognizable riff and they win me over, in a nano-sparkle.
  • So broke. Fuck. To save on some Greenbelt-pricey dinner, M brought sisig and maalat na itlog with tomatoes to the library. We asked the caterer for garlic rice. AC paid my design efforts in pizza. And for dessert, Toblerone fondue from Old Swiss Inn. Now that's fusion dining. Also made mental note not to drink too much Red Horse because it makes me vomit, and my fusion vomit would just be too skongkrang.
  • "Something for the Longing" is an East River Pipe album. Belated Happy Birthday, dodobird. And thank you for the music.
  • Am attending a high school reunion this evening. My only peeve is that they never saw me thin. WTF. Same old Thor is good old Thor.
  • Frunk (verb): According to Jovan, it means fucken drunk. According to Thor, it's fucked and drunk. Fucked and drunk, even when I was seventeen.


spidergrrl said...

Dude, that thar word -- frunk -- that be's *my* word. What ya'll usen' it fer? :P

Found your blog. Hope I'm not intruding. Margie and I are now the new wonder twins of Strong Ice. Love you. :)

Thor said...

And your blog addy is...? you've known me for 13 years Marnie. why stop now? :) uh, enjoy, i suppose.