Saturday, June 11

Migraine Boy

Migraine Boy (in a turtleneck sweater) : Look! I'm a poet!
(Pulls up collar of sweater over his head) : Now, I'm a ninja!

Aargh. Nagging migraine since yesterday. Maybe it's something in the air at the library; five of us were complaining about it. It's the kind of headache that feels like a fat-bottomed guy is sitting on your head. A really ugly guy with a hairy ass. (I am punishing my imagination.) One theory is the angle of the computer screen. Another is that hellmouth is about to open. Again. It's the perfect cliffhanger for our season-ender. From beneath you, it devours. We fight evil while also confronting our personal demons.

I think I'm running out of demons to slay.

Or maybe the season could end with us in an Indian restaurant, eating and drinking beer and sweating over curry like a Lifestyle channel show. A sexy Lifestyle channel show. Where people actually sweat. It's like, in all scenes, everyone's sweating.

Which should either star Brad Pitt or Angelina Jolie. Or both. `Cos if it were just us, there will be much hurling.


It's always wonderful to catch up with Safety Man and Duskwatcher. Always funny and relaxing. NSG-smoking area, with them in it, is my spa. Tambay lang. Walang ego. Walang pagalingan. Walang mali.

Pero laging malakas ang tama.

These guys have seen me at my worst. I don't think even W has seen my emotional grotesque-ness. I was a bloody punch in the nose waiting to happen, with all my defensiveness and snobbery. Back in Image, I even remember telling someone that if he thought that Sonic Youth was grunge then he didn't know a thing about music. Of course, I later on had a crush on that guy and made him a 10,000 Maniacs/Fairground Atrraction mix. Man, I was a fucking pain-in-the-ass.

And then Oasis happened. And Todd Rundgren and Matthew Sweet, Neil Gaiman and Diana Wynne Jones. And Ebe Dancel. And so much music, comic books, movies. I also got older.

There's always something new when we meet up. Excited to watch Clone Wars this weekend, and now hooked to a particular Ted Leo track.


I need a beer.

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