Tuesday, June 28

The Killing Joke

(Walking down the almost empty, dark corridors of Sta. Lucia Mall, after watching Batman Begins.)

W: Hmm. That was good.
Me: Yes. Good. But not ... great.
W: No.
Me: Fine. Coffee?


W: So ganun talaga boses ni Batman?
Me: Masikip ata masyado costume nya.

Huge Batman fan, I am. Since college. Arkham Asylum and The Killing Joke are beautiful, scary and hilarious books deserving of parades and human sacrifices. Burton's movies got close to the maniacal-laughter-in-a-stormy-night atmosphere; Schumacher simply gaytorized Batman. Nolan made a thesis-feature, the scholarly telling of what would drive a man to wear a bat costume.

Katie Holmes.

Like most things taken too seriously, the movie came out a bit of a joke.

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