Thursday, June 16


I take back what I said about Orange and Lemons. Just when I've dismissed them as too predictable, they come up with "Hanggang Kailan," a sweetly smiling, slightly tipsy song that sounds like a lost Hotdogs gem.

"Umuwi ka na baybeh. "

I've gotten past the band's Psychedelic Furs accent. You know what they say about Bulakenos.

I don't, too, but I think you can choose from a variety of accents in Bulacan. There's also freakin' Regine Velasquez's improvised American twang (she doesn't pronounce the "g" and oddly enough, the "t"). And my dad with his rolling r's (Klingon?), who's really from the Ilocos, but now lives in Bulacan.

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