Tuesday, June 14

Fandom Come

Being a fan sometimes means believing against all odds. Irrational. Stupid. Hopeful.

Blind faith.

That motherhood hasn't dulled Tori's tongue.

That R.E.M. is still significant.

That Paul Weller is still King of soul.

That Liz Phair is not a sell-out.

That The Beautiful South is not contemporary adult music.

That Aimee Man is not predictable.

That Elvis Costello is a poet.

That The Blake Babies are truly blessed.

That Madonna knows the dancefloor better than anyone else.

That Tanya Donelly writes the most fragile melodies.

That The Stone Roses and The Reivers are the most significant bands of the late 80s and early 90s.


That Oasis' new album, Don't Believe the Truth, is cause for celebration.


Dodo said...

. . .that the so-called arbiters of what's hip need to get out more often. Or get laid. Or get a life. Or shut up. Hehe.

Labas na ang bagong Oasis. Digipack, imported at may DVD pa. Too bad wala akong cash kahapon. Bukas. :-)

M said...

Hmm ... photos. Looks like words aren't all you have anymore. Nice. :-)

Thor said...

M: ...that words are no longer enough.

Do: ...That you should go out and buy the Oasis album now! And that you are right. :)