Friday, October 22


First the opening night, then, "until December," and now, we have desks in the new Hellmouth.

2 hours later.

I still don't know how to take this change. And so, in two weeks, an announcement is going to be made.

I think this is the year of reconstruction. Of shifting roles, buckling loyalties, and losing sleep. The overworked brick road leads to barstools, the cases of icy and sweaty beer bottles, the golden city.

Here we go again.


M said...

Thor, what is going on? You're scaring me.


Kristine F. said...

Desks in the Hellmouth? Oh, oh-oh. As your loyal barstool buddy, you know I'll always welcome your presence beside me, in front of one of any number of drinks. But you should also remember that you're a Slayer, honey! And if there's anyone who can face the Hellmouth and come out swinging (and singing), it's a Slayer.

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