Thursday, October 21


I never thought that work would actually make me work. Sure, there were always days when we couldn't even chat, but for two fucking straight months? Come on. I didn't sign up to do someone else's job. So, escape --- drinking, reading, going to gigs for more drinking --- is now absofuckinglutely necessary.

Admit Two

Saturday was National Gig Day for the boyfriend and I. First was Jasmine Trias's pseudo-concert at the Araneta Coliseum. It was like watching a competent high school play. Jasmine's voice has limited range but she is charming, as charming as a cheeseburger-soda-sundae combo. Jay R is surprisingly good live, but R&B was never my thing, so it was, party people in the house say `ho. Hum. Christian Bautista is adorable and funny, but his entire vibe is screaming THE LION, THE WITCH AND THE WARDROBE! Erik Santos *sigh* is still as hot as ever, his voice more solid, but he has got to stop saying "I love you too!" everytime a group of girls would scream, and that was a couple of times. "This is the moment --- I love you, too! --- this is the time --- I love you, too! --- when the moment and the momen --- I love you all!" Oh shush, you hot fool. But all in all, it was good, refreshing fun. No one died, and it finished early enough for us catch up with Admit One at SaGuijo.

Attending Admit One gigs is like coming home. It's all friendly and sweet, yet rocking and rough. Cambio performed the first 6 songs on their album; "Autopilot" live was pure, snarling guitar heaven. Sugarfree played a tight set. Hearing "Kwentuhan" and "Martir" still kills me, the thoughtful loneliness of the lyrics is like a candy cane stake through the heart, the sweet pang of melancholoy is the halloween treat that you bring home with you.


I think it's a virus that most of us caught, the inablity to sleep for more than 5 hours. I took 2 melatonin pills early this evening. It should have worked 6 minutes after I swallowed it, my smooth bitter pills, yet here I am, near midnight, awake and blogging and rocking out to Juliana Hatfield's "In Exile Deo." Deo gracias.

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