Friday, April 24

Four Filipino Films at Cannes 2009

This is definitely great news for the flailing Philippine cinema. Here's hoping that our government takes notice and starts supporting local film makers, heading toward something similar to what the Koreans have accomplished. (Go read Kim Hyung-jin's speech at the Audiovisual Industry Seminar held in Geneva for some insight on the Korean Wave.)

And that the big two (Star Cinema and GMA Films) begin producing actual movies.

*Slaps face awake*

Here's an excerpt from an article that came out in the Philippine Daily Inquirer:

Four Filipino films have been included in the official lineup of the 62nd Cannes International Film Festival, a first for the country.

This “historic” development was confirmed by three filmmakers whose films were chosen as entries in the world’s premier movie festival that will take place on May 13-14 in the French coastal city.

Three independent films made it to the Official Selection, in three different categories: Brillante Mendoza’s “Kinatay (The Execution of P)” in the Main Competition; Raya Martin’s “Independencia” in the Un Certain Regard section; and Raya Martin and Adolfo Alix Jr.’s “Manila” in the Special Screenings category.

“Sabongero,” by Filipino-American Janice Y. Perez, was selected for the Short Film Corner.

There were unconfirmed reports that Filipino films would also compete in the fest’s parallel section, the Directors’ Fortnight, as in the past two years.

“It’s an exciting year for the Philippines,” said Mendoza, who added that the inclusion of the four entries bode well for local cinema.

Mendoza is staging a comeback in the Main Competition, after his entry “Serbis” stirred controversy last year.

“Kinatay,” his entry this year is “equally controversial” and delves into the world of hitmen who cut up the bodies of their victims, said Mendoza. The film features Coco Martin, John Regala, Julio Diaz, Jhong Hilario, Lauren Novero and Maria Isabel Lopez.

“I believe it’s the first time for an Asian filmmaker to submit entries in the Main Competition for two consecutive years. US filmmaker Joel Coen also had back-to-back entries in the competition in 2000 and 2001,” Mendoza told the Inquirer.

Does Mendoza consider his return to the competition a way to vindicate himself after last year’s intrigues and negative reviews?

“I feel no pressure. I try not to worry about those things and I only focus on making my film,” he said.

Also of interest are Park Chan-Wook's vampire movie, Thirst, Bong Joon-ho's Mother, which also marks the comeback of actor Won Bin, and Pen-Ek Rathanurang's Nymph, the latter two both up for Un Certain Regard.


Via Philippine Daily Inquirer, Korean Bug


Andy Briones said...

I'm very interested in Park Chan-Wook's Thirst. I love vampires!

I'm crossing my fingers Park's vampires are not like those horny blood-sucking losers in "True Blood" ? Ehehehe.

I'd also like to see Gaspar Noe's Enter the Void and Michael Haneke's The White Ribbon.

Thor Bee said...

Aside from the ones I mentioned above, I would like to see "Vengeance" by Johnnie To, "Face" by Tsai Ming-liang, "Antichrist" by Lars von Trier (a horror flick by von Trier!) and Tarantino's Basterds.

Also interested in Sam Raimi's Drag Me to Hell and Gilliam's "The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus."

Theo Martin said...

Hmm. I just watched Old Boy. grabe yun. Aside from the octopus eating, i really love the really long fight scene with only a single shot. hahaha, puro panning lang. pero nakakatawa talaga na ang galing! :0

I love to see Manila produced by Papa Piolo. Teehee.

Nakakainis I cant watch the trailer of Independecia. And i watched the the french film "Love songs" trailer. Ang sarap. Parang keyk na ang tamis-tamis. :)

Thor Bee said...

Theo: That scene in Old Boy, yung long shot na may hammer si Choi Min-Sik, yun yung ginaya ng Watchmen though syempre mas magaling direction ni Park Chan-Wook. Hehe. Have you seen the other "Vengeance" movies that form the trilogy? Old Boy is supposed to be in the middle, Sympathy for Mr. Vengeance comes first; Sympathy for Lady Vengeance last. Magaganda lahat!

I agree with your thoughts on the Love Songs trailer. Tama yung isang critic, more than liking the movie, you'll be developing a little crush on it. (Wish I'd thought of that.) Haha!

There's a trailer of Manila over at Pixelated Popcorn. Great cast!

Henry said...

hi, this is such a good news! As to the nominated short film, you can view its official site and trailer here:

Thor Bee said...

Thanks, Henry, for the link and for dropping by!