Monday, March 2

For the sake of momentum

Considering the state of traffic in the Philippines, which ranges from very bad to bladder-popping madness, music has become, more than ever, an important ingredient to keeping my simmering sanity.

Two for the Road not only keeps me breathing, it transports me even during desperately stagnant situations. Consider it a travelogue that looks in rather than outward, where the landscape changes with mood: a desert covered by doubt, an open sky of possibilities.

It is a straightforward concept album (as opposed to Tori Amos' Scarlet's Walk which deliberately confounds through symbols) by Nouvelle Vague-producer Marc Collin and performed by Katrine Ottosen and Valente who sing as Ann and Cooper, two high school friends who reconnect and take the road to explore what could have been and what could be.

Two for the Road is a mix of delicate folk (the gorgeous album opener, "Two for the Road") and spoken word. "Downtown" gently sways with a hint of bossanova while the Spanish guitar-tinged "It's Always the Same" and "Road Trip" refresh and challenge at once, a contrast of soothing sweetness and reckless insecurity. The hooks are few and far between, but in this case, it doesn't really matter. Corny as it may sound, it's the journey that counts and the confessions that make the road trip worth taking.

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