Monday, March 9

August Band and everything after, Part I

This was the plan: Because I wasn't able to make it to August Band's first major concert last Saturday, March 7, which I found out about days after I've booked a flight and hotel to Bangkok, I had originally planned a sort of review of August Band's latest album, "Radiodrome," sort of review since I don't understand a word in the album but have become a fan of the band and their music since I saw "Love of Siam."

Then I stumbled across these photos from the concert and everything flew out the window. My fanboying heart included.

Pchy at the concert.

Mario making an appearance at the concert.

Mario and Pchy together on stage.

And. Aww. The ending of Love of Siam I thought I would never see.

I'm not reading anything into this---honest!---but it is heartwarming to see the both of them together because they practically started out in the same movie, the same movie that formed the band.

It's suddenly like Christmas.

Concert photos from
Lifted from Pinoy Exchange's Witwisit "Pchy" Hiranyawongkul : Mew of The Love of Siam [Thread 2]


FAB said...

Well, it does bring closure and happy thoughts!

Thor said...

I even watched the footage. Heh. Mario's a sweet kid.