Monday, February 23

Tong vs. Tang

"The Love of Siam" siblings Tong (Mario Maurer) and Tang (Laila "Ploy" Boonyasak) prepare for a bloody face-off in Thai Horror-Comedy "Buppa Rahtree 3."

Thought the first movie was funny but the horror part was a special effects carnival. Rainbow gore more than scary. And it looks like nothing has changed. And another "Shutter" rip-off? C'mon!

But I'm sure Mario will make it all worth while. Heh.

Wise Kwai has major linkages on the movie plus one with a photo gallery.


Andy Briones said...

Been going around looking for a DVD of "The Love of Siam"... Decided to skip this in Cinemanila last year, and now I'm living in regret. Darn it.

Thor said...

Only the Taiwan release has English subtitles. Forgot to look this up in HK.

If you have the patience, the entire movie with clear English (not Engrish) subtitles is up in youtube.