Friday, February 13

I'm not the loving kind

I'll do anything.
Sing songs that lovers sing.

Valentine's Day celebrates the obvious kind of love, the grand gestures, the gun powder in power ballads: If you breathe I want to be the air for you.

And then you have the brilliant Girls Aloud track, "The Loving Kind," penned by The Pet Shop Boys. If the bittersweet synth hook isn't enough to make you swoon, then the held-back poignancy will.

To fit the glove, to be a real-life Montague ideal to a society-molded Capulet thinking, I'm assuming, can be tiresome, and it's not from the lack of trying.

I'll buy you flowers, I'll pour you wine.
Do anything to change your mind.

Nice gender-bendy bit. Not everyone is born spewing sonnets or corny SMS quotes (but they do get the message across). Some of us have to try harder because we're just built that way. One tries to cope with expectations, and sometimes, that's the best you can do.

So down with the cards and enough bluffing.

I'm not the loving kind.

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