Wednesday, February 25

Review: Push (2009)

The best thing about Paul McGuigan's Push was Hong Kong, towering, a cityscape of shadows like sinister knives aiming for the sky, and streets on fire with technicolor blinking neon. Superpowers fighting in its narrow, crowded streets is mere bonus.

Heroes on Extra Joss, not even steroids, Push is; a mildly amped up version of the TV show when it was kinda cool. Being a superhero fan, it was thrilling at first to see the muties work their powers while I thought up of their comic book equivalents:

- Movers (Telekenisis-Jean Grey, Charles Xavier)
- Pushers (Mind Control-Emma Frost, the two above)
- Watchers (Future telling-Layla Miller. Giles?)
- Bleeders (Sonic scream-Black Canary, Siryn, Banshee)
- Sniffs (Tracking through scent with mental picture of location-err, help.)
- Shifters (Casting illusions but not magical in nature, image projection-mind controllers can do this, right?)
- Wipers (Ability to erase memory-that dude from Heroes)
- Shadows (Cloaking/Psychic inhibitors-X-men from 1 and 2)
- Stitchers (Heal or unhealing people-Elixir of the New X-Men)

That was fun, more fun than the actual plot. For a movie that's called Push, it has no pull.

Cassie (watcher, a very Layla Miller-looking Dakota Fanning) and Nick (mover) are being hunted down by a clandestine government group called Division because of Nick's involvement with Kira (pusher) who has in her possession a serum that could "change the fate of mutant-kind forever." The middle-half of the movie does keep you second-guessing but the dud cliffhanger ending frakked up everything that came before. A pity really since the movie opens with a really inventive action sequence between the Bleeders and the dynamic duo down the row of noodle houses in (what looks like to be) Mongkok.

So if you have a superhero fetish (sans the costumes), then watch it. Otherwise, I hate to say this but even X-Men 3 was better.


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