Wednesday, February 21

Sine Kwela

Meme from Dodobird. (Di ako makatulog.)

1. The Last Movie You Saw In A Theatre, And Current-Release Movie You Still Want To See.

Curse of the Golden Flower. With bosses from the company I used to work with. Long story. I could never say no to the person who asked.

Maganda ba TROIKA? Ang bakla ng title. Hehe. Hindi na lang tawaging threesome. D'Threesome.

2. The Last Movie You Rented/Purchased For Home Viewing.

Ultimate Avengers. P199 lang. Wala nga lang extras.

3. A Movie That Made You Laugh Out Loud.

Johnnie To's Love on a Diet.

4. A Movie That Made You Cry.

Johnnie To's Love on a Diet.

5. A Movie That Was A Darling Of The Critics, But You Didn't Think Lived Up To The Hype.

Crash. Little Miss Sunshine (Not bad, but just, err, cute). The Departed. Gladiator. Basta ata panalo ng Oscar Best Picture. Superman Returns and Batman Begins. Muro-Ami (Napanood ko kasi sa TV si Cesar).

6. A Movie That You Thought Was Better Than The Critics.

Marie Antoinette. Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban. Jurassic Park 3. Little Children. HULK. A.I.

7. Favorite Animated Movie.

My Neighbor Totoro. Princess Mononoke. Happy Feet! Watching Naruto movie now.

8. Favorite Disney Villain.

Iago from Aladin. Kamukha ng ex ko.

9. Favorite Movie Musical.

Prairie Home Companion. Masaya pa rin Moulin Rouge. High Society. De-Lovely.

10. Favorite Movies Of All-Time (Up To 5).

Of all-time meaning kung ano lang maalala ko at 3 a.m.

Park Chan-Wook's Sympathy for Mr. Vengeance. Bong Joon-ho's Memories of Murder and The Host. Neil Marshall's The Descent. Alfonso Cuaron's Children of Men. Joey Gosiengfiao's Temptation Island.

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