Wednesday, February 28

MEME: By the dozen

Meme from Dodo:

Say you were meeting a new person, and you wanted them to have some idea of what kind of person you are. But you can't actually tell them in so many words. Instead, you have to give them a box with a dozen things in it for them to look at/read/listen to/taste/whatever - - -and a copy of your journal or a link to your LJ would be the same thing as just telling them directly yourself, so that's not allowed.

What would you put in the box?

1. HAWKMAN FIRST APPEARANCE - I was around seven when I had my first Hawkman action figure, the kind that flapped its wings when you pressed its legs together. It had been a hand-me-down from a cousin, along with other toys, all lost. But Hawkman. I collect Hawkman. I don't know. There's something about flying with actual wings. Whoosh. Whoosh. It's the flapping noise, wings slicing air. And definitely the chest.

2. THE ELEMENTARY PARTICLES by Michel Houellebecq - Two brothers on the quest for love. One is an inaccessible molecular biologist, the other a hedonist. And they both fail miserably. And I think I've read it three times already. Uh-oh.

3. A pack of cigarettes. I know. One day, I will.

4. Moleskine notebook. Naks. Handy for scribbling down copy points and jokes. And when jotting down lists. Top Tens. Must Haves. Must Buys. Never leave home without it. Fits snuggly in back pocket of jeans, adds much needed volume to ass.

5. BODUM Coffee Press - In orange. Bodum. Bodum. Bodum. Just saying it makes my heart race.

6. Paper. Any kind of paper. I love paper. I love the smell of paper.

7. MY NEIGHBOR TOTORO DVD. I'll put this in the box just so you can see me placing it inside the box and snatch it out when you're not looking. I cannot part with this. Hayao Miyazaki's most fun, most thoughtful, MOST. Childhood bottled. Open in case of drunken sentimentality.

8. Rilo Kiley's TAKE-OFFS AND LANDINGS. Build your own television receiver / Staying home can't be that bad for me / Cause I'm not scared / But I'd like some extra spare time / Easily earn me big money / I'm ready to go. Intersecting highs and lows of love, life, death and everything else in between (employment and break-ups among others) in crisp guitars and lazy melancholy.

9. Ear plugs. Peace and quiet that fits the pocket.

10. FABLES VOL. 4: MARCH OF THE WOODEN SOLDIERS. Bill Willingham at his edge-of-your-seat best. Immortal wooden soldiers marching down Manhattan. Magic. Fire. Jealousy. And love, of course. All colliding, all battling it out. Willingham is the best storyteller in this genre who doesn't have a club of kids who love to play dress-up. Good. I'm keeping this to myself. (In other words, madamot ako sa geek porn. Haha.)

11. EROPLANO Minus-One CD. The song minus the vocals. I know I can string together notes but this one surprised me. Along with Grace's lyrics, this was actually a great song. This is me, mimicking The Reivers. Go record this for us, Ave.

12. KFC Bucket.

This is more work than I thought it would be. Day 2. Feeling better already.


Dodo said...

Thor! Yung Elementary Particles at Atomised iisang libro ano?

Curious lang.

BTW, pinasa ni Ave sakin yung demo nila ng Eroplano at lyrics. Pagdasal nating matuloy ang MTV! Hehehe.

Thor said...

Yep, iisa lang sila. UK release ata yung Atomised.

Sana nga matuloy yung MTV! Sana magin number one sa MYX at love radio!