Thursday, January 11


Let’s just laugh. Take it from rehab poster boy Evan Dando.

Way back in the 90s, way back in the long lines in the university, way back when waiting for your turn was much easier, way back when music was BASF bulky.

Way back when plastic was the smell of new music.

He kinda shoulda sorta would’ve loved her if he could’ve. Then, I’ve never been too good with names.

Way back when it was easier to disappear in a pop song.

From your teens to your thirties with a flip to side B. Now, lines are for paying bills, or making a deposit to a savings account that devaluates faster than the Peso. Now, there are worries of the future, bulky fat cells clogging arteries. And your turn to be the next big thing is the missed bus while you were sleeping the afternoon away.

But The Lemonheads still make it easy to disappear. Not like in existentialist crap novels, but Kirby cool. Invisible Woman cool. Watching the world go by while you plan your comeback. Taking the backseat because you need to remember what it was like to laugh, to run so fast until your knees buckled, to fall in love every summer. Little things that make it worth while. Little things that make you stronger.

The Lemonheads are sloppy with the guitars (and the smile) but sharp with the hooks. As it was way back. Has it really been that long ago?

Let’s just laugh.

Thanks, Itsy.

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