Friday, December 23

Warp 9

Feels like it. Time anomaly or the momentum of Landmark shoppers? I think there's a collective push to let's just get it done already. Last year was crazy, but this one, everything's just moving way too fast.

Was in Metrowalk doing last minute DVD shopping. Might as well catch up with Miyazaki. Hunting for Lady Vengeance. And Cora of stall 16 was shaking her head in disbelief. Not with my violent erotica leanings --- Bakit ho puro patayan na R ang hinanahanap nyo?, to which I answered, Pang-regalo lang. Hah! --- but because it's gonna be Christmas in a day. Pang-regalo? Oo nga no. Pasko na bukas. And she shook her head, and the store owner shook his head, and I shook my head. There was a lot of head-shaking before we said our anyongi gasehyos.

Walking around aimlessly for what felt like an hour, I suddenly had a thought:


And really, in bold in my head. Ended up in Starbucks and saw Champ sitting under one of the green umbrellas.

And then another thought:


Then I thought of the Da Vinci-decoding, pogi-rock listening demographic and felt really low for the country's future. So I just went home.

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