Friday, December 9

See you in 2007

Korea's most popular tourist attraction.

Won Bin, real name Kim De-jin, joined the Korean army last November 28. Military service is a given for Korean men in their twenties, and for actors, this means disappearing from the limelight for 2 years.

730 and 1/2 days. 17,532 hours of ajushi Won Bin-lessness.

There are a couple of TV dramas to go back to, the sluggish first installment of Endless Love, but nothing really great. There's Tae Guk Gi, but how many times can one actually watch a war movie (exploding skulls, flying torsos and that maggot bit which is eww, argh, aaah!) without turning psycho or trigger crazy, and to be trigger crazy, there has to be a trigger to pull and before I realize it I'd be smuggling guns into the library, and all because of this guy who joined the army.

The Korean tourism board actually offers a tour to the military camps, a "meet-and-greet your favorite Korean actors" tour but it seems kinda freaky. See who assembles AK-47s the fastest. Watch them do push-ups, all sweaty and dirty and WHOA!

So yeah, I am weirdly feeling his absence. I really have to go out more.

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