Friday, December 30


So that was Christmas. Spent it in Bulacan with the family, including our seven dogs.

Signal was lousy, so if you didn't get a greeting from me, please be comforted by the fact that I was thinking of you all while I was gorging down impossibly juicy, well, oily chunks of bagnet.

And ...

because it's pretty.

Pretty sad.

Hur Jin-ho's April Snow. Lately, I've been picking up movies that should have been romantic starry-eyed giddy, but, no. How easy is it to make things complicated? Very. Four a.m. and I'm blogging. I secretly treasure these moments though. When I allow myself to be sad, to be --- what's the word?--- melancholic, just because. Thoughtful, even. Without having to explain, to assure anyone that I'm pretty much doing great.

Though beer would help right now.

Fuck you, April Snow.

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