Wednesday, September 28

OST: Something to Sing About

Got this from Is It Safe. So loveys, let's do this! (That's M, KF & LK, Starshuffler, My Alchemy and Sci-fi High).

If you were to create the sountrack of your life, this would be the song playing when you are...

Lonely Or Down: Joni Mitchell, Case of You. I could drink a case of this blue heartbreak. And I would still be on my feet. Death Cab for Cutie, Title and Registration. It elevates my sadness to something deceptively intellectual, so parang it's cool to be sad. Hee.

In Love: Ella Fitzgerald or Frank Sinatra, I Get a Kick Out of You. Dancey, decadent and obssessive. Almost like falling in love.

Fighting With Your Significant Other: Liz Phair, Divorce Song. Still, you’ve never been a waste of my time. Hole, Violet. I told you from the start, this is how it would end.

Having Sex: Cat Power, Covers record. Wild is the Wind, Satisfaction and Naked When I Want To in torchy acoustic. I keep it under my pillow.

Nursing A Broken Heart: Tanya Donelly, Just in Case You Quit Me. I keep my heart in hinges just in case. Prefab Sprout, We Let the Stars Go. Shush.

In Need of Cheering Up: Huwag Kang Matakot, Eraserheads. Because I’ll always believe in the words of Ely Buendia. A Hiccup in Your Happiness, The Lucksmiths. Your heart will mend, if by degrees.

About To Embark On A Road Trip: Ocean Colour Scene, The Day We Caught the Train. Wooh lala. And keep the motor running. The Beatles, Two of Us.

Sunbathing On A Tropical Beach: What Will You Do When Your Suntan Fades?, Beulah. And lots of bouncy Mariah.

Feeling Groggy And Need To Wake Up: The Mamas and The Papas, I Call Your Name. Sunshiny pop hooks and they sing like angels. Like everything’s right as California rain.

Feeling Suicidal: Cueshe is the sound of contemplating suicide.

Angry, Very Angry: Foo Fighters, Best of You or the outdoors disc (disc one).

Singing At The Videoke Bar: Sugarfree. Burnout. They do have this in the videoke machine of Cable Car. O kay tagal. Din kitang. Mamahalin.

Dancing By Yourself In Your Room: “Dancing With Myself. Billy Idol. There can be only one.” – Dodo Dayao

Singing, Dancing And Drunk Off Your Ass: Oh dear. Lots. From Kellis’ Milkshake to Pedicab’s Dito Tayo sa Dilim.

Playing Air Guitar: Stone Roses, I am the Resurrection. Album version. Squire’s seven-minute solo made me want to learn to play lead. Still learning. Still listening.

Chilling On A Rainy Afternoon: Now, we’re in business. When You Were My Baby, Magnetic Fields. Citronella, The Guild League. Sparky's Dream, Teenage Fanclub. The Very Thing, Stars. 5 Verses, Jeremy Warmsley. Video, Aimee Mann. Willow, Field Mice.

Reminiscing About High School: The Alarm, Absolute Reality. Suedehead, Morrissey. Ah, the dusty streets of Recto and the sweaty afternoons spent hunting for pirated tapes in the stalls of Tandem and Ever.

Reminiscing About College: It’s a Shame About Ray, Lemonheads. Everybody Loves Me But You, Juliana Hatfield. Winter, Tori Amos. Pare Ko, Eraserheads. Watershed, Indigo Girls. We used to hang out a lot outside the university library, smoking and laughing and eating take-outs from Beach House. Maybe this is why I ended up working in a library eleven years later.

Getting Married: Yeah yeah yeahs, Maps. Perfect 10, The Beautiful South. If ever. My wedding will have distorted guitars for violins.


Luis K. said...

What fun! I'm going to love -- and hate -- filling this out. ;p Btw, thanks for the Teenage Fanclub, Thor. Yay! :)

midicrux said...

Oh, Thor! "Winter" and "Watershed". . .*teary-eyed and nostalgic*

Thor said...

Luis: Glad to share. Also was able to get a copy of their EP from a friend recently, the one with the Todd Rundgren cover - I Saw the Light. :) But hey, you introduced TF to me sometime 92. All I remember is a long line, must be during enlistment. So, thanks, too!

Mida: Aaah! I know. All those afternoons in the FA tambayan. We are actually old enough to say that those were the good old days.