Saturday, September 24

Ghost Halo

Or maybe, who I could have been.

Being sick gave me a lot of time to think, to dig up photos from the happy daze of ad agency Survivor island plotting and lounging, and from the bubble (College of Arts and Letter) within a bubble (U.P. Diliman) life in the university where it was romantic to feel like a chair while deconstructing Beckett on the long walk from the Faculty Center to Philcoa.

This was, roughly, a decade ago.

And generally, old + new traits, addictions, subversions, divided by years of existence, I haven't really changed.

Minus the fat and carbohydrate mood swings, and the widened vocabulary (mostly fat and carbohydrates related), and the mostly happy music swagger, yeah, not much personality alteration going on.


I finish my antibiotics cycle on Wednesday, and am excited to drink again. I miss beer so much. Missing beer sometimes, who am I kidding, oftentimes mean missing my friends. Like cocoa in chocolate, or sun in sunshine. Coffeemate in my mate.

See you all at the bar, loveys!


Kristine F. said...

Did you say, "I finish my antibiotics cycle on Wednesday"?


starshuffler said...

I think I need a drink, too. Last time I was at SaGuijo with a beer, I distinctly remember saying, "shit ang sarap nitong beer."

I never thought I'd say that. But then again, I never thought I was that deprived hahaha... ;-)

Thor said...

J: Masarap uli ang beer this Tuesday. Miss you. See you then. :)