Wednesday, July 27

Public Service Announcement

Hey hey. Finally.

Best Before (that's us!) will be playing a few originals (naks!) and two covers, Weezer and Yeah Yeah Yeahs. Hope to see you guys there.

Please be there.

And thanks to Starshuffler for helping us book Chilitees! Kukulitin ka ulit namin for the next production. *Hugs, with beers*


starshuffler said...

You're welcome, dear. :-)

And I'll try to be there! ;-D

Luis K. said...

Exciting news! :) I like the new band name, too. See you guys there.

Thor said...

Thanks, Luis! But don't sit too close to the stage. There may be vomiting. :)

starshuffler said...

Congratulations!!! I had fun! :-D