Tuesday, July 12

Neil Pt. 2

Okay. Now, for the babbling fan boy.

Faye and I were in line at 8:30 a.m. I don't even go to work that early. First sighting of Neil was around 10 a.m. And, wow, I just stood there. I wanted to shout "Gwarrrr!" or something that could've been "Welcome to the Philippines" but nothing came out of my mouth. Just a squeak. Then maybe tears. And, "Hmm. He's hot."

10 hours later. More composed now, but stinky. He says to me: Interesting name. I say: Uh-huh. And then I start rambling: You should really see what's outside the city. We have wonderful beaches. And thanks for coming over. He looks up, shakes my hand and says: Thank you. I've been wanting to come over. Then I look at what he wrote down on my Neverwhere copy. It says: Thor, Mind the gap! Neil Gaiman.


Sunday. Couldn't move.

Monday. Kristine tells me that Neil said "butt-fucking" over at NU 107. In the context of Batman. Then he plays a Magnetic Fields song.

Went to writers' con at the Music Museum with Anne, Chiqui and Jovan. Saw Paolo, Therese, Maan, Luis and wait ... reunion? There were a few funny questions for Neil like, "How will you use your fanbase for the greater good?" To which he replied, "Ah, yes. All of you, don't leave after the session and wait for my orders."

He also announced that he'll be writing two more titles for Marvel, one of which is the 1602 sequel. And also, sometime in 2008, a six-part Sandman 20th anniversary release.

And for the kissing incident, please check out Chokwit's blog.

Giddy. Gracious. Galing-galing. Gaiman.

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