Friday, February 4


Inspired by starshuffler's recent entry, I came up with my own playlist, my mix of the week, a lopsided soundtrack to an emotionally uneven series of events that were happening all around me, but not to me. Mabi and I used to kid around that our lives were like black and white French movies, static (and silent) opening sequences in train stations --- reading a book, maybe, or chewing on a pen as people, shadows and headlights pass our unmoving shoulders in synthetic frenzy.

Now, the songs, in particular order.

1. Going Through the Motion - Aimee Mann
2. It's Raining - Quasi
3. Waiting for Sunset - Beulah
4. Stuck on an Island - Liz Phair
5. Here On In - South
6. Recycled Air (live) - Ben Gibbard
7. Headphones - Bjork
8. Sun Comes Up, It's Tuesday Morning - Cowboy Junkies
9. Cold Water - Damien Rice
10. Poor Fractured Atlas - Elvis Costello
11. I Know - Fiona Apple
12. I'm Tongue-Tied - Magnetic Fields
13. The Same Thing You Thought Hard About is the Same Part I Can Live Without - Evan Dando
14. The Final Push of the Sum - Grandaddy
15. Wigout - The Mongols
16. Heaven - Lamb
17. Ctrl-Alt-Delete - Silverman

King of the Jail House

On introducing her new song, King of the Jail House, in the Aimee Mann: Live at St. Anne's DVD: This is a new song ... about a sad, bitter, dysfunctional relationship. Wait. That's all my songs.


Kristine F. said...

Did I put "Ctrl-Alt-Del" in any of my compilations for your, or did you download it? In any case, may I have a burn? Can't find it any more. Hee hee.

Thor said...

Downloaded it as soon as you told me about Silverman a year ago. Will burn you a copy. Will attempt to slip it in the new February mix.;)