Tuesday, February 1

Baby, I love your way.

Monday was spent looking for office spaces in Ortigas for W's design office. Tired with the early morning client calls and the mess his design team has been making in the living room, he has finally decided to separate home life with work. First stop was Medical Plaza Suites. The first unit the broker showed us was beside a psychiatric clinic, the second, right next to an obesity center. The view was great, Laguna Bay and an olympic-sized pool below, but, well, obviously.

Mega Plaza was more promising. Rent is cheapo, the space just righto. And it's right across Robinson's Galleria. Original plan was to buy, but since rent's affordable, was able to convince W to hold-off purchasing a space. Will transform home office into entertainment center instead. Woohoo.

Then, so happy with the possibility, W got me an electric guitar --- bare mahogany with a white plate. On the drive home he said that it was the only way he knew how to show his appreciation, a thank-you gift for being around. And I said, Baby. I love your way.


starshuffler said...

Awww... :-D

M said...

We love W's way, too. The two of you make make me question my solo-is-the-way-to-go motto.

Kristine F. said...

M: Actually, what W&T and K&K want you to do is question your hetero-is-the-way-to-go motto. Kidding! (You need more straight friends, though.)