Tuesday, January 4

So. 2005.

The Bomb

4 days into the new year and I'm sick to the stomach with panic. Someone very integral to office operations has dropped the bomb (M, will tell you all about it very soon) and I'm sad and worried and panicking. I've already lost one staff; after another loss, we'll be officially limping. And the thing is, I actually care.

God Bless KF

Still sleepy from last night's itchy all over-ness, I walk into my office a little sad. Work has resumed. Then I see what looks like a CD wrapped in silky craft paper stamped with ... Judgment Bunny's seal of fine taste. The first word I see through the paper is "Bless" and I almost faint.

Thank you, Kristine! I have ordered this twice through Amazon but there had always been hitches: no stock available, etc. Bless you and your Jeff Buckley-humming heart.

"So this is the new year."

Spent New year's eve drinking with my sister in front of the TV. Gee, they sure are having fun but I prefer the cozy indoors, the familiar laughter over old Tropang Trumpo jokes, the predictable contours of my bed. So, like M, here are my resolutions:

1. Eat less. After midnight.

2. Doodle more. It just might turn out out to be a book at year's end. And in the words of Willow Rosenberg: "I do doodle, you do doodle too."

3. Spend less. On food. After midnight.

4. Drink less. Vodka or whiskey.

5. Love more. The family, the boyfriend, the friends, the work, the country.

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