Wednesday, January 26

The Drugs Don't Work

It has been awhile.

Seven years to be exact.

The drugs don't work their magic anymore. Not after a friend had tried to snort ice that wasn't powder-y enough and a few sugar-tiny crystals burned a hole through a nasal passage. Wheezing from the blood clot, we brought him to Makati Med and left him at the emergency room. High and scared to be caught, we fled as soon as we saw a nurse approaching him.

I wonder how he is right now. The last time I heard, he was learning how to drive a car because the turtles we gave him had died and he had nothing better to do.

Last Saturday, I realized that I could never do drugs again. Valium, yes. But weed, ice, ecstasy, K --- farewell dear friends. I will and am missing you dearly, but I hate remembering the mess that I had been too chickenshit to clean up.

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