Wednesday, May 20

Cannes Surfing: Raya Martin films receive highest marks?

I'm uncertain if this is an officially tally or simply a list of ratings from critics.

According to the blog Micropsia (which is entirely in Spanish, thank you Google Translate), Independencia has so far received the highest grade for the Un Certain Regard category. Raya Martin's other film (co-directed with Adolfo Alix Jr.), Maynila, is also leading the Out of Competition set.

Here are the rankings (From Micropsia).

Un Certain Regard
"Independencia" (8,55) - 9 votos
"Police, adjective" (8,50) - 4 votos
"Irene" (7,83) - 6 votos
"Tales From the Folden Age" (7,00) - 2 votos
"Father Of My Children" (6,75) - 4 votos
"Air Doll" (6,44) - 9 votos
"Mother" (6,285) - 7 votos
"Nobody Knows About the Persian Cats" (5,25) - 4 votos
"Tzar" (1,50) - 2 votos

Out of Competition
"Manila" (6,66) - 3 votos
"Up" (6,18) - 11 votos
"Ne te retourne pas" (5,50) - 6 votos
"Jaffa" (4,50) - 2 votos
"Agora" (3,33) - 3 votos

In Competition
"Vincere" (8,29) - 7 votos
"Vengeance" (7,45) - 11 votos
"Fish Tank" (6,33) - 6 votos
"Kinatay" (6,18) - 11 votos
"Los abrazos rotos" (6,00) - 9 votos
"Bright Star" (5,86) - 7 votos
"Un prophete" (5,83) - 12 votos
"Taking Woodstock" (5,18) - 11 votos
"Thirst" (4,60) - 10 votos
"Spring Fever" (4,18) - 11 votos
"Looking For Eric" (4,00) - 6 votos
"Antichrist" (3,36) - 11 votos

Go here for the breakdown of Independencia's ranking. Kinatay also ranked well considering the reviews it got.

Thanks to Dick Dick who left a comment here.


dodo dayao said...

Wouldn't it be great if Kinatay took home a Palme D'Or? I love you, Johnnie To but . . . represent. Hehe.

Funny how some Pinoys seem to be enjoying the fact that Kinatay is being mauled by critics.

Thor Bee said...

Ultra cool. Underdog becomes top dawg!

Yeah, the yahoogroups are buzzing with reactions over Ebert's review. The Pinoys are coming together, inaapi kasi eh at personalan talaga ang dating. Hahaha!

Just wished our Cannes films are making the headline. Maybe they are.

dodo dayao said...
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dodo dayao said...

May mga kababayan tayong nahihiya sa reaksyon nung mga Pinoy kay Ebert - - -masyado daw melodramatic. Ewan ko, siguro nga. I'm a little ambivalent pero sa isang banda, Pinoy e. Ganun talaga tayo. Hindi naman tayo Kano. Nagpapa-Kano lang. Hehehe.

Fat chance our Cannes films will make headlines - - -or generate buzz.

Right now, the republic (one of movie buffs allegedly) is preoccupied with more earth-shattering concerns - - specifically how that kid with stubble shouldn't have beat the screaming leather queen on American Idol.

And Hayden Kho. :)

Andy Briones said...

Wonderful news! They do give out an award for the Un Certain Regard, do they?

I've only seen one Raya Martin film (Next Attraction); considering his age, this Raya guy is pretty talented.

Thor Bee said...

I'm quite sure that the Un Certain Regard comes with an award (trophy? ribbon?). I hope Martin bags it, parang we have a bigger chance of winning this than the Palme d'Or.

dodo dayao said...

Excited about Independencia. Sana may Mogwai showing soon. I'm still hoping Raya puts out at least some of his stuff on DVD. I wouldn't mind seeing Now Showing again.

Thor Bee said...

Sana nga. Sana nga. Kahit mahal. Sana magka-Region 1 release.

Baka sa Cinemanila ipalabas ang Independencia?

dodo dayao said...

Malamang. Hopefully pati yung ibang Raya ipalabas din. At sana Kinatay at Serbis - - - uncut. Missed Serbis last year during the Brillante retrospective.

Mismo sa Region 1. Criterion! Hehe.