Thursday, July 10

Four the Road

Meme mia! From Dodo

4 Jobs I Would Stink At

1. Anything in sales. I can never hold that smile long enough to sell anything. Kung ayaw mo, wag mo.

2. Macho dancer. Me thinks I would have to pay people to watch me dance.

3. Bartender. I did this for awhile at a friend's bar. I was the only one getting drunk at that bar. Heh.

4. Accountant. Magic Numbers, the only numbers I like.

4 Nicknames I Made Up For Myself/Other People Made Up For Me

1. L.A.
2. Kuhol
3. Mytor / Thory / Thorassic
4. Percy

4 Movies/Tv Series I Can Watch Over And Over Again

1. CHUNGKING EXPRESS. By default. And I really don't know why. I've been watching this movie (almost once a year) since Dodo introduced it to me in 1997. It flows the way your thoughts would. It's an experience in remembering.


3. LOVE ACTUALLY. Ehem. Yeah. The title credit always gets me choked up.

4. DELOVELY. Love the music. Delightful. Delicious. Delovely.

1.BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER. Even with the dark, pouty Buffy as the series winded down, this show never forgot how to have fun. Must must watch episodes are the gritty "The Body," the suprisingly creepy "Conversations with Dead People" and the (almost) silent episode, "Hush." (Seasons 5, 6 and 4 respectively)

2. DOCTOR WHO. The only show that can be anything it wants to be. From hard core sci-fic to twilight zone noir to epic space opera, this Time Lord does it all. Plus, you know, the Daleks.

3. NARUTO. 200 plus episodes in, these hidden leaf villagers still kick ninja-ass and throw chakra-charged kunai knives like it's nobody's business (and still the most fun ensemble on TV). The kids are all grown up in Shippuuden as some of them rush head-on to their inevitable tragic fates.

4. LOST. I''m torn between this and Battlestar Galactica, but if it's something that I would play on repeat, it would have to be LOST. To look for clues and all.

4 Things I Love To Do On Weekends

1. Cook
2. Customize action figures (working on a Kitty Pryde Barbie)
3. Sleep til noon
4. Toy hunt in Greenhills, Sta. Lucia or SM Megamall

4 Alcoholic Beverages I Enjoy From Time To Time
1. San Mig Light
2. Fundador
3. Red Wine
4. Whiskey Sour

4 Fantastic Vacations Destinations I Would Love To Go To Before I Pass Out
1. Cardiff, Wales
2. Japan
3. London
4. Earth 2

4 Celebrities I Would . . .ehem . . ."Date"
1. James MacAvoy
2. Daniel Wu (Forevah)
3. Won Bin
4. Geoff Johns

4 Things I Could Not Live Without
1. Music
2. Comic books
3. Jowaers
4. And I have to agree with Dodo, HK.

4 Gadgets/Appliances I Wish To Have
1. Tardis
2. Dalek Lamp
3. Hypospray
4. Sonic Screwdriver

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