Tuesday, May 15


Not being overly dramatic about it but I do miss him, and I am just a teeny weeny bit lonely. Loads of lonely when it's one in the morning. So if you were wondering what all The Weepies, The Tilly and the Wall, and the All Smile are all about, why the heavy rotation of all these bittersweet folk songs, well, I need a little company.

But I was glad to hear that he was able to hang out with Itsy in Singapore, that's a bright spot there.

Still, ten days is much much too long. It's the longest we've ever been apart in 8 years.

And cut to montage: I'm catching up on a year's worth of X-Men comic books. I'm making coffee in the kitchen. Decaf. I'm smoking in the stockroom, arm stretched out the window. I'm buying take-out food. I'm working in front of the computer. I'm rearranging toys, according to height, according to series.

7 days more to go.


ipsy said...

he talked about you with a lot of fondness, mahal. really, he did. sobra siyang nakakatuwa!

PAOLO CRUZ said...

Seriously... A year's worth of X-men? You must *really* be in need of distraction ;)

No, honestly, I've just been... underwhelmed, I guess is the best word, with the X-titles in general, for the past year or so.

Actually, it's disappointing twice over because (a) I still have plenty of residual sentimental affection for the entire X-franchise, and (b) I ordinarily love everything else that Brubaker and Kirkman write, and Carey is usually a capable scribe, if the material fits my interests.

Thor said...

Seriously. Started a month ago with Kyle and Yost's NEW X-MEN, which was a surprisingly fun read but not jumping up and down, not even tiny hoppity jumps, over it.

Started Brubaker's last Monday, and, yeah, underwhelming much. Underwhelmed doesn't even cut it. Wala lang.

Have only read Carey's Supernova arc, the rest of the issues I'm reserving this weekend.

But X-Factor, me likey. A lot. The title manages to surprise me every now and then. My sister, Faye, has been making me kulit to read it, glad that I finally did.

As for Ultimate X-Men, I can't even finish one trade.

dodo dayao said...

Ok yung run ni Carey, just finished everything he's done so far myself. Pero ganun nga, Ok lang. Killer art though. Bachalo, Ramos - - - astig!

Best X comic for me out there's still Astonishing - - mahusay ang bata mong si Josh, Thor! Writing sticks out without being obtrusive - - sina Brubaker tends to be generic and invisible and not always in a good way. Plus, it's FUN. Only one that comes close to the Morrison run (still the best XMen run ever for me) - - -well there was Milligan's weird,wonderful X Force. Too bad I tradewait for it 'cause I missed picking the regular run. Reads better in one go naman. First three arcs - - -brilliant.

Is Peter David still writing X Factor?

ipsy said...

geeks. you are all geeks! :-D

FAB said...

Yes, Peter David is still writing XFactor. I agree that Morisson's run is THE best. Lamang ang Astonishing Xmen sa art and over-all story-telling BUT Peter David's insightful writing of the characters -for me - surpasses Whedon. You can borrow my Xfactor if you want Dodo. Sabihin mo lang.

dodo dayao said...

Uy sige ba. Thanks. :) I have Peter David's Madrox miniseries and I quite liked it. Curious about X Factor cause I've heard some good things plus it's a rather low key book, always a good sign with Marvel ,almost always means it's at least interesting. David's a pretty dependable writer. Reminds me of Mark Waid or Kurt Busiek or even John Byrne in his prime, not necessarily in style or voice, but in being efficient journeymen/professionals when need be ,but capable of out-there fireworks when at the top of his game.

Thor said...

Okay, so this has officially become an X-Men board. Har. Of course Peter David has an advantage over Whedon when it comes to characterization mainly because he is writing B- and C-listers, tough but also comes with lots of colorful yarn to play around with (sorry, was just watching a documentary on cats, my sex life is doomed!) It's just, err, astonishing that Whedon is still able to rewrite very established characters. For a couple of pages in ASTONISHING, I actually found myself liking Wolverine. For a couple of pages.