Monday, May 28

the changingman

...Was also a hot mod man. A mod hot man. All kinds of hotness, Paul Weller is. Bought the Stanley Road Deluxe Edition (2 discs plus DVD) over the weekend. Sentimental is understating it.

The 90s. My first stable job. Buy 2+1 beers at Decades beside Makati Cinema Square. An office crush drunkenly saying: Oasis is way better than anything. Oasis will never leave you. Mix tapes. The Golden Age of Britpop. Blowing my savings in CD Warehouse. Oasis, Ocean Colour Scene, and Pulp singles hunting. And much later: Travis, Dubstar, Lush.

Stanley Road could just be the best guitar record of our generation. Wings of Speed could just be the best ballad of our generation, You Do Something to Me the second best. And hands-down the best version of Sexy Sadie, which manages to be sexy and, err, sad.

This is a happy day.


dodo dayao said...

Idol! :)

Thor said...

Ang pogi pogi niya! Lalo na yung may yosi! Spent the entire afternoon downloading Weller pics, hehe.