Saturday, February 11

Tiny Babbles

1. That one's pathetic. Wit's dried up today. Parched. From too much thinking and 4-hour dozing. W's been having a hellish week as well. Work and a few scheming employees that plan and backstab. If this were a Park Chan-wook movie, tongues will be wagging, well, wriggling and flipping like fish out of water on the floor.

2. Too much thinking with this band thing. Over lunch, munching on what to do, M asked me why I was quiet about the entire scenario. We're not Best Before for nothing, y'know? Heh. I'll go with whatever, with whoever's decision. I've enjoyed the moment, a few more won't hurt, but hey, to each his or her own expiration date. Even this for the fun of it is turning Medical Investigation on me. Somber dissection. Second guessing.

3. Expiration. The reminders are everywhere suddenly. From a dear friend to someone's dear brother. And I feel something change in me. Like any day now, I'll start believing all that Dr. Phil shit. Like maybe, simplicity will work. Choosing the right fights. Snood logic: everything in its rightful place. Soon enough. The mouse has alwas been in your hand. Everything's a double click away.

4. Snood. Got my father into it just this morning. My sister has been staying up late just to top my score. And I'm not even the best in the office. I've been caught by the big boss playing it. Recently I discovered the Y key. Dun-dun.

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