Thursday, April 21

Smoking outside the library

Cars. Too many of them too close to each other. Like intimate, dusty Christmas lights. It's too hot for a smoke but I light up anyway. Light up, like to smile or to relax. Like The Lemonheads said, we should be paid to smile. I'm suddenly missing the company of previous officemates. I miss the weekly sharing of mix tapes, the after-lunch trips to CD Warehouse, the 7 a.m. breakfast of Carl's Jr. onion rings, Marlboro Lights and Coke, and the payday drinking at Travessia or Decades.

I've been working here for 4 years, longer than I've ever worked anywhere else, have made a few friends, but

The Rock's first appearance outside the rubbery ropes of WWF was in Star Trek Voyager (Season 6), in the episode "Tsunkatse" --- a sort of Mad Max-inspired celebrity death match pastiche with the glorious Seven of Nine in the sandals (or spiked heels) of Spartacus. The episode slightly sucked but like most Seven-centric episodes, it was stoic and unsentimental yet heartfelt.

And not a lot of people get this. That detached doesn't always mean disconnected.

Just a lack of connection. Sometimes, there is an effort to want more.

Smoke's done.

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