Thursday, April 28

Catching Debris

I've always wanted this look because I never learned how to place photos in this blog and I think this layout is perfect for my wordy-ness. Because that's all I have. Words.

Alex, I caught your falling debris.

After after hours. Workshop's finally over. I especially love this class because they have no expectations whatsoever on the class. They're happy just learning new things, revisiting old things, and smoking outside the library afterwards. Along with the occasional "blessing of a good book" and Bloc Party's raunchy guitar Strokes-meets-Stones licks, I've been happy doing the same things.

Belated happy birthday to Marnie. She will probably kill me for forgetting it. Apparently, cigarettes do kill brain cells.

1 comment:

Alexis said...

There's more from where that came from. Hehehe :)