Saturday, December 18

...these are a few of my favorite things

2004 sucked. In my head, the year's already over. It has been a tough year, in all aspects. So, like Penny Lane, when the going gets tough, the tough go shopping for music (or burning). And sometimes, we could be lucky enough to stumble onto something life changing. And it has been a lucky year for music. Thank you, dear friends, for saving me.

Thor's Top 10 Albums of 200fucking4

10. Bjork, Medulla
Confusing and strange. It keeps me up at night. Like mermaid seduction, sinister yet captivating.

9. Courtney Love, America's Sweetheart
Fuel to my bitterness, when I want to be bitter and hysterically laugh.

8. Keane, Hopes and Fears
Never mind who they remind me of, Keane write choruses that soar until there's no more air, and my heart bursts.

7. PJ Harvey, Uh Huh Her
Fuck the studio polish. This is Polly Jean rocking without harness. Bruises can be beautiful.

6. Loretta Lynn, Van Lear Rose
Bless your rock n' roll soul, Jack White, for taking Ms. Lynn's honky tonk to gripping, guitar-slinging heights. Rough, and proudly red neck, she growls and slurs her way through stories of murder and women's prisons.

5. Cambio, Derby Light
Patlang. DV. Ledge Boy. Autopilot. Fucking genius. Fucking great.

4. Tanya Donelly, Whiskey Tango Ghosts
This is what waiting for the other shoe to fall sounds like. Hesitant and fragile. Watchful. Taking in every scent, every sound, every kiss.

3. Magnetic Fields, i
Stephin Meritt continues to cotton candy-spin stories of relationship fuck-ups, and with a string section to back him up, well, imagine the Beach Boys with violas singing about cheating boyfriends in a low, low voice. Strangely accessible.

2. Eraserheads, Anthology
Cheating, yes, but this only reminded us how great they were, and how much they are missed.

1. Sugar Free, Dramachine
M put it oh so correctly, I couldn't have said it better: Ebe ForEBEr! (see PULP review, September issue)

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