Friday, December 17

The Bi-Polar Express

Not too long ago, this guy I was discussing poetry readings with asked, out of nowhere, if I were bi-polar.

And I thought, What the fuck?

Yes, Gelo Suarez has more of the hype going for him and are you bi-polar?

Is this some sort of mental flirting? Cos I can work on both your north and south poles.

But since he was a client, I just said that if he meant I have wild mood swings, then the answer is yes. He actually seemed happy to find out that I get easily depressed. Too happy. He hastily invited me to join this group of bi-polars who meet every Sunday to sit around, talk and be moody. Group sulking over tea. Perfect Sunday afternoon activity. Then we can all go steal horse tranquilizers, shoot up, and ride each other.

Not a bad idea.

Three Christmas parties in a week, and I am officialy a cloud heavy with complex carbohydrates. I drift and float aimlessly, barely functional at work. Dyspepsia sucks.

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