Tuesday, August 18

Alternate poster to Buppah Rahtree 3.2

Not really. But I thought this was very witty and cute. Fits the horror-comedy feel of the film.


Aaron カイジュン said...

What is this movie about??

Thor Bee said...

Rahtree has been around for quite some time but was recently relaunched with Mario Maurer playing opposite original Rahtree ghost Ploy Chermarn (Tong and Tang in Love of Siam).

It mixes horror comedy butI read somewhere that the reboot features a ghost child, Rahtree as a little girl? Quite confusing.

And even though I saw a lot of copies of the DVD of the first installment, there are no English subtitles so I passed this time around.

It's so difficult to be a Thai movie fan. Sigh. I have 4 Romances on DVD with Mario and August Band but I still don't fully get it; had no choice but to watch it without subs.