Monday, July 6

Requiems and cake

Menggay had a face like a doll; those Drew Barrymore eyes could easily light up even the most dreadful study groups, usually Natural Science 1 or Social Science, geology and philosophers. She was very easy to get along with, and she was one of those friends in college I don't remember being introduced to because we had shared too many stories, notes, and giggles. She passed away two months ago from complications during child birth. The baby survived.

GeneticFreak, or Addison was one of the fierce posters over in Comic Kolektor Philippines. It was a forum that I, along with 3 other comic book geeks, put up to build a community of comic book readers in the Philippines. Addie was old school and he knew his stuff. Arguing with him over writers, artists and movies was always fun because his point of view never waivered. He loved The Wrestler to bits and wanted Mickey Rourke to win Best Actor. He passed away last Sunday due to pancreatitis.

Just this morning, W sent me a text message about a friend's husband's passing.

I was watching the Korean movie Antique last night with W. It's a fun film with lots of quirks. It's about a man who put up a patisserie even if cakes make him vomit. It's about varying degrees of love and the varying distances we go to to forget. It's about how we cover the bitter with the sweet, and make joyous moments, because they are so few and far between, even sweeter by indulging our sweet tooth.

It was around 1 a.m. when I sneaked out to the kitchen and devoured a chocolate truffle ice cream. Bitter. Sweet. And grateful.


dodo dayao said...

In the middle of writing a post on all the sudden untimely deaths around me,too, Thor. Genetic Freak's was particularly sad,shocking and scary even if I've never met him in the flesh.

Thor Bee said...

Yeah, I don't even know his last name but because of the forum, and the discussions on comics, movies, art, etc., we really got to know the guy, "one of us" so to speak. Kaya nakakagulat at malungkot. I keep thinking about the other DC Showcase books he was yet to buy.

dodo dayao said...

It's that he was "one of us" that's chilling, I guess. Suddenly it's not something that happens to other people anymore.

Andy said...

"It was around 1 a.m. when I sneaked out to the kitchen and devoured a chocolate truffle ice cream."

-> Hmm, yum! Kain nang kain hindi namimigay. Ehehe.

Thor Bee said...

@Andy: May ice cream naman sa Eastwood ah. Hehe.

@Dodo: It bothered me a lot during the weekend. Phantom aches surfacing.

Andy said...

At high faluting ang ice cream sa Ishwood: Hagen Daz. Teka, tama ba spelling ko? Ehehe.

Thor Bee said...

Selecta yung kinakain ko, madali pa ispelengin! Hehe.