Monday, April 2

Hot Chip — Colours

There's "Boy from School," instant, shiny loops. Top of the Pops stuff. Then there's "Colours," bottled longing that bubbles over. It takes its time. Teases sunshine. And delivers hot white blisters.

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PAOLO CRUZ said...

I must say, that video is a bit of a letdown. The visuals are just too generic and disengaging to effectively complement the well-crafted structure of the song. Nor was it particularly very, well, "Colour"-ful. But the song itself has definitely grown on me, since I first listened to it.

In any case, I prefer the eponymous track from The Warning significantly more than any of the other songs on that album. It teeters nicely between the easy accessibility of "Boy from School" and the drawn-out, elliptical blippage of "Colours".

It's also one of the most genial, friendly threats i've ever heard -- the sonic equivalent of a jovial Uncle (in the Godfather sense) reminding you about a debt to the Family.