Friday, December 8


The first time I quit a job it was because I didn’t like the job. PR. Nothing really detestable. It was just. Boring. Writing was limited to a sheet or two, quite automatic. I lasted two months.

The second time was for a better offer. Two years in advertising and I already had an offer. Whoa! Or so I thought. I ended up writing coupon text. 50% discount on selected items. Limited offer only. Very limiting.

So I went back to my ex, mostly for sentimental reasons. The organization was opening a new department and the boss was someone I had always wanted to work with. Fucking brilliant. And a sad drunk. It was almost love. But then, he quit. And so.

Looking back now, job #5 was a highlight. Top of the pops because I was high most of the time. And drunk. And dancing to Incognito and M People in Venetia. Cocktails over ice over lunch. Dated compulsively. I started listening to hip-hop and house music and acid jazz. I was twenty-five and foolish but was making really good friends. We signed on each other’s vodka bottle; absolut scribbling of well wishes and confessions.

No wonder I burned out. But I had fun along the way.

Didn’t work for a year. Never really had a break. I was on my second job when I officially graduated. Marched. Took summer classes and was done with college on the first semester of my senior year. And not more than a two-week break since then.

So the millennium came and I was jobless. But I was in love. The freelance thing didn’t really work out for me. I spun records for my boyfriend’s café so I could earn enough to buy CDs. Just waiting for the right job to come along.

The one I’m quitting right now.

Five and a half years. A feat, really. It felt right most of the time. Never really thought of myself as a sales type of worker, but the job turned me into one. I had to meet quotas, had to wear barong, had compute annual budgets. But I was working in a library so it didn’t really matter. Until things changed.

So I’m starting the year with a trip to Hong Kong and Civil War #6. The rest I’ll figure out along the way.


thoughts from above happy valley said...

a barong? seriously, mahal.

glad you're flying going to fly again :-)

thoughts from above happy valley said...

oops. glad you're going to fly again :-)

Thor said...

Yes, pretty excited to spead my wings, so to speak. Has been awhile. But the barong actually worked for me; I looked kinda cute. Seriously cutre. Heh heh.

Dodo said...

HK! HMV! Invisible Waves! Exiled!

Teka - - - lumabas na ba Civil War 6?

Thor said...

Yes! Sana labas na yung special ed ng Exiled! Yun lang naman hahanapin ko. Tsaka Avatar, hehe.

Yung Civil War #6 dapat ngayong Dec. 27 Na-move sa early January. Tuloy pa rin daw yung #7 sa Jan 31.