Tuesday, October 17

Seven part 2

Meme from dodobird and starshuffler. Seven songs on heavy rotation that I just can't get outta. In no particular order of appearance.

1. The Worst Part by Motion City Soundtrack. From "Sound of Superman." It's dancing with tears in my eyes. Heartachy chorus soars up, up, and away: You used to call my name / Every hour of every day / How I live to hear that sound / But everytime it washes away / We wash away.

2. Wires and Waves by Rilo Kiley. From "Take Offs and Landings." And sometimes lonely hearts they just get lonelier. I think you're getting the drift.

3. Life Effect by Stars. From "Heart." Easy pitter-patting. The one-twos of moving on.

4. When You Were Young by The Killers. From "Sam's Town." Bruce Springsteen meets The Who meets dusty synthesizers. Anthemic under heavy clouds.

5. Up to My Head by Mark Kozelek. From the "White Christmas" live album. Back to my ol' worrisome self but successfully passing the sluggishness of acting, working, and writing appropriately.

6. Miss Kita Pag Tuesday by R-Jay (something). From the "Pinoy Dream Academy vol. 1" soundtrack. Heh. Saya pakinggan. Sarap maging bagets.

7. Teen Titans by Puffy Ayumi. When there's trouble you know who to call: Teen Titans! But man, who we gonna call now that the show's gone?

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