Saturday, August 19

Soul Coughing

I'm not good at being sick. Can't stay in bed. Can't listen to music too long. Can't watch any serious stuff and anything random like HBO programming feels like a waste of time. I miss my smokes.

Villains United
is hurting my head and not because it's badly-written, no, if anything it's turning out to be my favorite of the Countdown to Infinite Crisis titles, but it is a lot of work. Making connections in my head, the OYL and 52 storylines tangled like wires. Any wires. They all get tangled up in small, impossibly tight knots sooner or later.


How will I keep my insides in?



Rizaldy Manrique said...

hello! will tell zhella about your blog,sana payagan ako mag attend ng documentary workshop, gusto ko rin tumambay sa UP at national bookstore, regards!

Thor said...

Zaldy! Sana nga you can drop by, it has been YEARS since nakapag-kwentuhan tayo. Regards to Zhella!

starshuffler said...

Get well soon... *wheeze*... to the both of us.