Saturday, June 10

I Heart HK

First night in Hong Kong and, ah, the sights. That's a hot one right there over my shoulder. And that's me saying, Biliiiis! Kunan mo na. Daliiii!

Next stop,wonderland. But no. Because it was fucking under renovation. One floor was open, so I'm not exactly complaining. Got the new Beautiful South, and, well, that's about it.

So it was walking down Tsim Sha Tsui for us until around midnight for five days. Mid-day trips to Windsor House --- Ikea, Toys R' Us, HMV, and those two floors of gadgets, and an office supply store where I spent the most HK$. W got me a moleskine notebook, and I gave him a hug.

There was also much drinking, and no, hindi ako nagpa-kulot. Kusa syang kumulot dahil sa sarap ng peking duck.

Met up with friends, too. Mida and her lovely daughter Sofie. Mida has a column right now in one of the local HK papers and also teaches English to Filipinos based in HK. *Anyone who goes to HK should try eating at the Flying Pan, an all-day breakfast diner with a jukebox that has REM, Oasis, The Verve, and yes, the ubiquitous Coldplay.* She brought us to Ap Lai Chai, an interior designer's heaven, 26 floors, all showrooms. W was estatic. My feet hurt. A lot.

So there. Hong Kong. Walking. Shoppping. Minding gaps. And more walking. Will be leaving for Singapore with W this Thursday, mostly business but I hear their HMV has a pretty good collection. If it's not under renovation.

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