Saturday, April 1

Big Loves

One big lovin' family.

ET's Watch with Kristin describes it as: This "twisted and strange" "freak show" will make you feel "slightly dirty" but you will "love it all the same." It's "weird at first but then totally addictive" in a "can't-avert-my-eyes-from-the-car-wreck sort of way." Bill is "kind of hot," Ginnifer "really shines," and Chloë is "deliciously nasty." You'll find you "can't stop watching," even though you'll "never tell mom and dad!"

Introducing HBO's latest series: Big Love. One man. Three wives. Seven children. Under one (big) roof. Saw the pilot last night and yeah I did feel a little dirty because I enjoyed watching their lives fuck up so much. Favorite scenes: the three wives (Jeanne Tripplehorn, Chloe Sevigny and Ginnifer Goodwin, according to order of marriage) planning their weekly schedule with their husband (Bill Paxton) and JT goes, That's okay, you can keep him for two consecutive nights. I don't mind; BP with this huge huge Viagra-ed erection suddenly realizes that his mother might just be poisining his dad; and this is not really a scene but the opening credit is funny scary with the four leads ice skating, pro graceful, then the ice begins to crack under their feet as the theme launches into its chorus: God knows how lost I'll be without you.

God knows how lost I'll be without HBO.

Isobel Campbell and Mark Lanegan (Do you wanna) Come Walk with Me


wanderlust junkie said...

Damn. i wanna watch it now. I got hooked into watching HBO since Sopranos, SATC and that animated series of Jon Lovitz. Yet another reason to stay glued to the tube. yey! (oh no there goes my social life...LOL)

Thor said...

Hi! I've thrown my social life, well, any kind of life, out the window a couple of years ago. :-) Hopefully they show Big Love on HBO Asia. It's tender, it's painful, it's funny. But in the meantime, there's House MD. Yay to TV!